Dallas shelter dog headed to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl!


DALLAS, TX — From foster to famous!

Ruby, formerly known as Lucy, is getting her 15 minutes of fame because this local Dallas pup is headed to Animal Planet’s very own Puppy Bowl!

We’re excited to announce that DAS will be represented in the 2018 @AnimalPlanet Puppy Bowl! Little Lucy was brought into DAS as a stray and was eventually adopted before making her way to NYC as one of 90 puppies from around the country participating in the puppy bowl. pic.twitter.com/NSXXAMIr5j

— DallasAnimalServices (@DallasShelter) January 5, 2018

“It was a really cool experience and I think it’s a really great opportunity for people to see the kinds of puppies that you can adopt,” Gabi Vannini from Dallas Animal Services said. “It’s fun for DAS to be involved in that because we do have a lot of great adoptable dogs and puppies.”

Ruby came into DAS as a stray when she was only 5 to 6 weeks old, but now things are looking up for this pooch! Not only is she in it to win it at the Puppy Bowl, but she also has a new owner and a new place to call home!

“I don’t know necessarily that I was rescuing her, but I know she was rescuing me,” Ruby’s owner Patti Bryan said.

Ruby and her dog mom both had a rough go of it in life, but finding each other seemed meant to be. “One of our sons died last year from complications of a seizure, and he was 33,” Bryan explained. “I needed someone to talk to that didn’t talk back and I needed that unconditional love. It was just like divine intervention. We took to each other immediate.”

With a new mom, a new life, and maybe even a new career on camera, Ruby is living the doggone life! Bryan added, “It just goes to show you, you can be down and out and lost and still have fun in life!”

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