Three More Of The Top Restaurants In Dallas TX

It’s time to take another look at a few of the best restaurants in Dallas TX. There are some good ones for sure, and I mentioned in the last article that there are over 3500 of them, 3509 to be exact according to a top travel site. You need the complete Dallas experience, and you can’t have that when you eat at a crappy restaurant. So let’s get to looking at three more of the top restaurants in Dallas TX.

Lark on the Park is one of them, and it can be found on Woodall Rogers Freeway. How does brunch sound? Would you like a nice hanger steak? How about some cauliflower soup? I don’t know about that last one for me, but I can tell that this is a good place to enjoy a meal.

Wild Salsa is another good spot to get some food, and it is on Main Street. The picture of the tacos I saw on a travel site look great. They have queso blanco, which is a favorite of mine, and they also have beef barbacoa and so much more. People also say it is a good place to visit to have drinks, too.

Off The Bone Barbecue is the 3rd pick, and it is on South Lamar Street. This place serves up baby back ribs, pulled pork, charro beans, burnt ends, peach cobbler and potato salad. Need I say more? Well there is more for sure, and I would have to say that this is my favorite pick out of the three.

What would you say? Which Dallas restaurant are you going to visit first? I have to scroll up to remember the other two now after writing about Off The Bone Barbecue, what about you?