Tracking Dallas Traffic: Winter Weather Watch

DALLAS, TX — Despite overnight winter precipitation and numerous school closings, roadways in Dallas remain largely unaffected by the sleet and snow. While that comes as good news to most North Texans, some folks south and east of the Metroplex will certainly see icy roads during Tuesday’s morning commute.

Areas around Corsicana and Hillsboro will be impacted slightly by these conditions. Although ice-patches will mostly be contained to bridges and overpasses, drivers should still exercise caution and leave early Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, areas east of the line formed by Gun Barrel City, Canton and Sulfur springs will be more heavily impacted. According to, travel is discouraged on many roadways ranging from the aforementioned line as far east as the Texas-Louisiana border.

Drivers should always leave earlier than usual during winter weather. They are also encouraged to take other precautions such as avoiding breaking or accelerating rapidly or turning sharply. If you slide on the ice, steer into the skid. Saw dust, gravel and kitty litter can all be used to get a stuck car out of a snowy or icy area.

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